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  • eyelag screw

    1/4" X 2" Accoustic Eye Lag Screw 1500/box

    Part # TLS142B

    The eye lag screw is designed for metal applications. It is 1/4" X 2" for attaching wire hanger to light gauge steel eyebeams or corrugated decking. Drill point eliminates the need for predrilled hole. It is available with ...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-33-651

    10BASE-T Crimpmaster™ Kit

    Part # 33-651

    High quality termination kit for twisted pair Kit includes, Data T®-Cutter UTP/Coax Stripper Crimpmaster™ Frame Only 2,4,6-Postion Die Set for RJ-11 DEC MMJ 6-Position Die Set 8-Position Die Set for RJ-45 8-Position Die Se...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-12oz-Manual-Dispensing-Tool-PA1200

    12oz. Manual Dispensing Tool

    Part # PA1200

      12 oz. manual dispensing tool.          

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  • SetRatioSize13685-tool-holder

    18" Ergonomic Tool Holder

    Part # 507005

      The ergonomic tool holder holds materials in place for both vibration absorption and, in some cases, spark resistance. It eases awkward hand positioning with a vibration absorbing design to hold wrenches, chisels etc., an...

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  • hac20 hammer capsule chemical anchor Copy Copy

    3/4" Hammer Capsule Chemical Anchor

    Part # HAC20

    The UCAN HammerCap™ combines all the inherent safety and reliability of the capsule system with much easier and faster installation procedures. After a Hammer Cap is inserted into a prepared hole, the installation is compl...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-precast-insert

    3/4" Precast Insert

    Part # PZI-55

      The UCAN Cast-in place Zamac insert is designed for preplanned fastening in concrete. The insert provides rustproof threaded metal holes in precast, pre-stressed or poured in place concrete. It provides excellent resistan...

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  • fasteningrod pra385

    3/8 X 5" Fastening Rod UCAN 10/pack

    Part # PRA-385

    These anchor rods (complete with nit and washer) are available in zinc plated carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel. For use with Flo-Rok injection and HammerCup. 3/8 X 5" fastening rod.  Available in multiple sizes....

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  • single expansion shield

    3/8" Single Expansion Shield-Self Drilling

    Part # See Variations

    Rust proof zamac alloy machine type expansion anchor is ideally suited for base materials of questionable strength. The single expansion anchor consists of pre-assembled sets of shields and an internally threaded expander con...

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  • rockitepail

    50 Pail Rockite Anchoring Compound

    Part # ROC ROC50

    Rockite anchoring cement is a hydraulic type cement compound specially formulated to provide superior strength and bonding qualities. When mixed with water, Rockite pours smoothly into place. It sets within 15 minute. Withi...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-35-922

    6-in-1 Twist-A-NutT™ Tapping Tool

    Part # 35-922

    Forms new threads, re-forms burred threads and cleans out obstructions Reversible, high-carbon tap with three clearly marked thread sizes on each end Handle is interchangeable with 7-in-1 Screwdriver (35-908) and Conduit Debu...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-35-988

    9-in-1 Ratch-A-Nut Screwdriver

    Part # 35-988

    Ratcheting wire connector wrench prevents finger fatigue and gets in tight spots Premium screwdriver ratchet mechanism can handle high torque without failure Ergonomic, slip-free comfort grip Accepts Twist-a-Nut™ replacemen...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-BC1465-UCAN-wedge-anchor-cable-support-anchor

    A4 Grade Stainless Steel Cable Support Anchor

    Part # BC1465

      A4 Grade stainless steel cable support anchor comes in a package of 25. M14 x 65 mm        

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