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  • SetRatioSize13685-d-rechargeables

    "D" Rechargeable Battery-2 Pack

    Part # RAY NM713-2

    These batteries have no "memory" problems, which means that batteries can always be recharged, even when drained. They can be recharged up to 500 times. Comes in a package of two.          

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  • 12 Port punch down panel

    12 Port Punch Down Panel

    Part # 12458M-C5E

        12 Port punch down panel for up to 12 cables.    

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  • gear clamp for silicone hose

    13/16" - 1-5/16" Gear Clamp for Silicone Hose

    Part # ETM-12

      Gear clamp for use with a silicone hose. Size: 13/16" - 1-5/16"  

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  • SetRatioSize13685-10030608

    14LB Rail Slider 90-141LBS/YDS

    Part # 10030608

    The rail slider serves as an anchorage connection device that connects directly to railway rails.  It provides protection during horizontalmovement of railway bridges.  It comes available in two sizes for quick and easy ins...

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  • 19 inch rack mount 8 outlets

    19" Rack Mount, 8 REC On Front Power Bar

    Part # 1582T8A1BK

    Designed for use with IEC power cords. Has an all steel housing with black powder coat finish and is standatd 19" rack mount designed for power distribution from the front of unit. 8 outlets for 10 A service.        

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  • SetRatioSize13685-SPHLTLED

    3 In 1 Head Light Rayovac

    Part # SPHLTLED

    The Rayovac 3 in 1 headlamp features three different lights. It has red, white and krypton beams. It is suitable for night vision, close range, and long range use. It is built for comfort with an adjustable headband which all...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-PS1314B.ashx

    4 Position Battery Charger Complete With 2-AA, and 2-AAA NiMH Batteries

    Part # RAY PS13-4BD

    The Rayovac 4 position battery charger reduces waste and saves money, when using rechargeables. Charger charges any 2 or 4 AA or fAAA NiMH or NiCD batteries. Batteries charge overnight. Feature 2 red LED lights which indi...

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  • 6V HD2

    6V Heavy Duty Lantern Batteries

    Part # See Variations

     Rayovac 6V Heavy Duty lantern batteries are built to exceed performance demands of industrial applications.  They are mercury and cadmium free and are guaranteed against leakage.  These batteries are designated environmen...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-6V-HDM

    6V Heavy Duty Max Lantern Battery

    Part # 6V-HDM

      The Rayovac 6V Heavy Duty Max Lantern Battery is built to exceed performance demands of industrial applications.  They are mercury and cadmium free and are guaranteed against leakage.  They are environmentally safe and m...

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  • 8 port switch rear

    8 Port Switch

    Part # 065-71012A

      An 8 port switch is a control unit that allows access to multiple computers from a single console(keyboard, mouse, and monitor).    

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  • Black Anti Fatigue Matting

    Black Anti-Fatigue Matting

    Part # IRP STAM

        Black anti-fatigue matting available in 36" X 36".    

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  • black neoprene rubber

    Black Neoprene Rubber Matting 3/16" Thick

    Part # IRP 465-3

      Black neoprene rubber matting. 3/16" thick.    

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