Occupational Protective Equipment

  • SetRatioSize13685-Steel-Carabiner-SRL-Connecctor

    1" Steel Carabiner SRL Connector

    Part # SRCC643

      SRL Connector for the Aptura® LT30 Self-Retracting Lanyard. 1" Steel Carbiner.          

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  • SetRatioSize13685-SFP2

    1/4" X 4' Anchor Sling

    Part # SFP3267504

      Anchor Sling 1/4 X 4'  with vinyl coated, 1/4" galvanized cable.  Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.  Has multiple applications.          

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  • SetRatioSize13685-10006447

    20' Self Retracting Life Line / Dyna-Lock

    Part # 10006447

     Fast-acting arresters that limit free-fall distance, deceleration distance, and fall arrest forces while allowing user freedom of movement.  It is ideal for climbing applications where vertical mobility is needed.  Has a ...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-10053560

    30' Self Retract Lanyard C/W Carabiner & HL2000 Snap

    Part # 10053560

    Aptura LT30 Self-Retracting Lanyard sets a new standard in the mechanical fall protection market, delivering the lightest weight, most versatile SRL available. It features a solid design and fast acting brake mechanism, an S...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-50-inch-Lifeline

    50' Lifeline

    Part # 416049

      50' 5/8" polyester/polypropylene, with twist lock carabiner on one end. Sold individually or comes as part of the roofer's kit.    

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  • SetRatioSize13685-fp5K-10047084-10047085

    6' Surestop Tie-back Shock Absorbing Lanyard

    Part # See Variations

    Uses the FP5K Carabiner, a Tie-back lanyard connector with a 5000-pound gate strength in any direction and a 1”Gate Opening.  It utilizes the Sure-Stop Shock Absorber to keep fall arrest forces below 900 lb.  It is availa...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-8-Ft-Nylon-Rope-Restraint-Lanyard

    8' Nylon Rope Restraint Lanyard

    Part # SNL3248408LS

    Restraint lanyards are primarily used for travel restriction (to restrain a worker from reaching a fall hazard) and  work positioning (stabilizing a worker at an elevated location) applications.  This item features single l...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-Nylon-Rope-Shock-Absorbing

    8' Nylon Rope Shock-Absorbing Lanyard

    Part # SNL4048408LS

    Sure-Stop Shock Absorbing Lanyards use a tear-tape design to keep fall arrest forces below 900 pounds. Energy absorbing lanyards are a component of a personal fall arrest system and provide a connection between the back D-rin...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-ArcSafeLanyardSingle-10060139

    ARC SAFE Lanyard With Hitch Loop Connection

    Part # See Variations

    ArcSafe Lanyards are SEI-certified to the requirements of ASTM F887-05 standard for electrical arc flash protection.  They utilize a tear-tape design to keep fall arrest forces below 900 pounds. Meets all applicable OSHA req...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-Belt-Pouch-B

    Corgo Industries - Belt "B" Pouch

    Part # 031048

      Belt pouch B, 1.5" wide and adjustable to fit sizes 30" to 50" heavy duty top grain leather, adjustable, nickel slide and metal ring tool holder. Nickel clasp set buckle.  

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  • SetRatioSize13685-2-Pocket-Tool-Pouch

    Corgo Industries - Double Tool Pouch Belt

    Part # COR 071371

      Double tool holding pouch belt.      

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  • SetRatioSize13685-Corgo-Safety-Shoulder-Strap

    Corgo Industries - Safety Shoulder Strap

    Part # COR 57-2150

      2-1/4 x 44" safety shoulder strap.      

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