Personal Protective Equipment

  • SetRatioSize13685-CGKHS13

    CoolGrip® 10", Kevlar® Outer Shelled Glove

    Part # CGKHS13

    The Kevlar® outer layer of these CoolGrip® gloves add enough extra heat-resistance for comfort and protection in medium to high-heat applications. They offer great dexterity for a glove with this much heat protection. (Up t...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-10021616

    Part # 10021616

      Durable Defender+ frames offer front drip-edge splash protection, multiple stop positions and o-ring pivot design.          

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  • SetRatioSize13685-SUP-505I

    Iron Wolf™ Standard Welding Glove

    Part # See Variations

    Our best-selling 505i Iron Wolf™ welding gloves feature continuous one-piece backs, leather welting in all vulnerable seams and are Kevlar® sewn throughout. Full semi-sock thermal-knit cotton lining for comfort and added h...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-S13K-L

    Sure-knit 13 Gauge Kevlar Glove

    Part # S13K/L

    Sure-knit fine 13 ga. string knit Kevlar® glove is both cut and slash resistant.  It provides excellent protection against both cutting hazards and burn hazards, while being lightweight and comfortable. Kevlar® will not me...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-Stealth-replacementcylinder

    2216 Aluminum Replacement Cylinder and Valve Assembly

    Part # 809872

      A 30 minute replacement cylinder for supplied-air breathing apparatus with cylinder supplied air. (AirHawk II SCBA)        

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  • SetRatioSize13685-361DLX6-L

    3 Finger Lineman Gloves-Unlined

    Part # See Variations

    The leather for the Deluxe Lineman gloves are treated with Waterstop™, which is a fluoro-chemical water repellent emulsion to give the leather excellent water, oil, and stain repellent properties. Other special features inc...

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  • 3 peice fire retardant rainsuit

    3 Piece Fire Retardant Rainsuit

    Part # See Variations

     Fire-retardant rainsuit consists of three pieces, including a bib pant , jacket and hood.  It is made of 30 mil PVC on polyester and is yellow in colour.  Available in sizes M-3XL.

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  • SetRatioSize13685-SUP-GU500

    5 Finger Chain Mail Cut Resistant Gloves

    Part # GU-500

    These gloves provide excellent cut and puncture protection for meat and poultry workers and for other applications where maximum protection is required. They score a rating of 5 in both CE and ASTM cut levels. Featuring a tap...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-8KL

    8 oz. Cotton, wing thumb, Mens or Ladies

    Part # See Variations

     Cotton canvas (unbleached) is a great, all-purpose material that offers excellent protection against abrasion. Lightweight and comfortable, their breathability is what makes them the perfect choice for light-duty, economica...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-SUP-SLC18KV

    Adjustable Cotton Sleeve

    Part # SLC18KV

    SLC18KV - Sleeve, Cotton, 18", knitwrist cuff at wrist, adjustable Velcro closure at bicep.              

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  • SetRatioSize13685-advantagerespcart-2

    ADVANTAGE Respirator Cartridges

    Part # See Variations

    The Advantage® Line of Bayonet style particulate, chemical and combination cartridges is NIOSH certified and provide lightweight, low-profile performance. All cartridges are interchangeable between the Advantage® 200LS, 420...

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  • SetRatioSize13685-Adv200LS-3

    Advantage® 200 LS Respirator-Medium

    Part # 815692

    The Advantage respirator offers unmatched fit and comfort with a clear blue face piece. The thermoplastic rubber subtracts 25% of the weight and adds softness to MSA's Advantage®200 LS respirator. The patented Multiflex® S...

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